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Create a self-signed certificate for Aruba WLAN


How to import a self-signed certificate into an Aruba Instant AP?

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This solution helps you to complete the required steps to create a certificate and import it into Aruba Instant. Replacement of the built-in Aruba Instant certificate (securelogin.arubanetworks.com) has been a best practice for years, and became critical when the factory certificate was revoked by the Certificate Authority in September 2016. See http://community.arubanetworks.com/t5/Controller-less-WLANs/ArubaOS-Default-Certificate-Revocation-FAQ-Instant/ta-p/275814 for all relevant info on this event.

Please note that using a self-signed certificate will still provide your captive portal users with a security warning, and in most cases using a publicly signed certificate is the best way to go forward.

The solution generates commands that can be used with OpenSSL, which is a standard tool available on many Linux systems. If you have Airwave deployed, you can use your Airwave server to run the commands.

Use the self-signed certificate only if you understand that it is not the recommended way forward; and only to temporarily solve your immediate problems.

(Minimum/Maximum) Software Version(s) RequireD

Importing your own certificates into Aruba Instant was introduced in Aruba Instant version 4.1.0.

All current supported ArubaOS controller should be supported.

Configuration Notes

You will need to run the commands from this solution on a system that has OpenSSL installed, and then import the certificate into your Aruba Instant AP, controller or switch.

Platform(s) Tested

Aruba Instant; ArubaOS; ArubaOS; MAS


Licenses of the respective products apply.


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