Mobility Master Redundancy


How to configure 8.x Mobility Master redundancy?

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This solution creates redundancy between two Mobility Masters to form an primary-standby Mobility Master pair.



  • MM - Mobility Master
  • MC - Mobility Controller
  • VRRP - Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol
  • VIP - Virtual IP Address


In this solution, we will configure the following:

  • VRRP: Having a VIP between the primary and standby MMs will ensure that Mobility Controllers (MC) can connect to the standby MM when the primary MM becomes unreachable.
  • Master redundancy: Ensures that any configuration changes applied on the primary MM are immediately synchronized with the standby MM.
  • Database synchronization: Ensures that the databases (e.g. license, WMS, AP, User, etc.) are synchronized between the two MMs.


Ensure that the primary and standby MMs are L2 separated.

Configuration notes

  • The entire configuration hierarchy is synced from the primary Mobility Master to the redundant Mobility Master, except any configurations under /mm/mynode.
  • Configurations common to both the primary and redundant Mobility Masters are placed under /mm node so that they can be synced to the redundant controller.
  • Configurations specific to individual Mobility Masters must be placed under /mm/mynode on the respective Mobility Master. For example, IP address and VRRP configurations are different for each device under Mobility Master and can be placed under the respective /mm/mynode for each device, while configurations for Mobility Master services can be placed under the /mm node.
  • All configuration changes at the /mm and /md level on the primary MM are propagated to the standby MM.
  • When redundancy is configured between two MMs, all available licenses are synchronized between the MMs. Licenses for each MM get aggregated.
  • When upgrading the MM pair, the upgrades need to be done individually on each MM (at the /mynode level).

platform(s) Tested

  • MMs running AOS


To learn more about MM redundancy, please refer to the following resource: 

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