Outdoor Point to Point Link Budget Calculation


Outdoor Point to Point Link Budget Calculation



A major part of coverage planning is accurate RF link budget calculations and propagation models that are specific to the area to be served. Each link budget accommodates the maximum path loss through the air and walls and trees, and includes loss from antennas and connectors. To form a link budget, calculate the maximum path loss between each transmitter and receiver in a wireless system to arrive at the limiting link budget.


Because each bit rate requires a specific minimum receiver sensitivity for a given radio, any wireless network (simply referred to as link for the purpose of this discussion) design must estimate the available link budget in dB to make sure that the link budget is at least 0 dB for the highest bit rate desired. It is also a good practice to leave some reasonable margin (e.g., 10 dB) in the link budget to accommodate any variations in signal strength caused by interferers or reflectors and to increase the
reliability of the link.


Link Budget Report

Disclaimer: The calculation assume clear line of sight and clean channels.



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