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This solution generates configuration to enable the Phone Home features on your controller. When enabled, Phone Home will send logs and crash information to Aruba using the "phonehome now" command or by selecting the "Report now" option in the controller's Web UI under the Maintenance tab.


When automatic Phone Home is enabled, the controller will send the logs to the Aruba TAC Server whenever changes are detected on weekly basis.


In AOS 6.4, the controller supports sending the data to the Phone home server using HTTPS, This offers following benefits:


  • Simpler configuration. Phonehome: Only requires you to configure the email ID of the network administrator managing the device. as Activate already has information to accurately identify your controller. If a DNS server is not configured on the controller, PhoneHome will query the public DNS service ( to resolve the Activate server IP address.
  • Smaller bandwidth requirements. When the PhoneHome feature sends the report to the Activate server, the PhoneHome report is zipped into a smaller package, then divided into smaller 1MB pieces before being sent to the server using secure HTTPS. Only reports sent to Activate are zipped before they are sent, so reports sent to Activate use less bandwidth than a report sent to a SMTP server.
  • Enhanced error management. If any individual portion of the report is not successfully received by the Activate server, PhoneHome makes up to three attempts to resend just that portion of the file, rather than resending the entire report. Reports sent via SMTP must be resent in their entirety if any portion is not received by the SMTP server.
  • Automatic removal of old reports. Once the entire report has been sent to the Activate server, Activate sends an acknowledgment to the controller, prompting the controller to delete its local copy of the reports.

If you're running 6.4 and above, the HTTPS is recommended.


Platform Tested

Aruba Mobility Controller 3400 running AOS build 38111






Knowledge Base Article: How do I configure the Phone Home feature (Aruba TAC server)?

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