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RF Optimization and Deployment Models


How do I optimize the RF coverage for my Aruba wireless network of some deployment model?

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*This solution will “clone” user selected AP-Group, Virtual, SSID and HT-SSID profiles and optimize these profiles based on Aruba suggested best practices. Up to [6] Virtual APs can be modified and a user selected "suffix" will be added to the cloned profiles to maintain the integrity of the original profiles.

*The solution will also create new Radio, ARM and HT-radio profiles based on the AP deployment model selected and utilize a naming convention for the profiles for clarity and reuse in other AP-Groups.

*The text based configuration output provided, contains all of the newly optimized profiles, Virtual, SSID, HT-SSID, Radio, Arm and HT-radio profiles and  will reference the existing source AP-group as well  the newly created AP-group with the user supplied “suffix” ie.AP-group-“suffix”

Aruba recommends utilizing the newly created AP-group-“suffix” and re-provisioning existing APs from the source AP-group into this new AP-group for verification of the optimization.

*After testing the first rollout of a specific "deployment model" as a proof of concept, the reader should consider consolidating "like" VAP and SSID profiles across AP-Groups with these proven profile settings. Failing to do so could/would grow the overall configuration file unnecessarily.


It is recommended that information specific to your AP deployment model be completed. The chart below is a example of the type of information to collect. This information can then be used to select the appropriate model for your deployment.


Select the "Actions" tab above to "reset" the form to the default input values.


  1.  [dot11v] The following should be applied "no cm-dot11v"  to the ARM profiles created when utilizing AOS version and earlier.
  2. Removed Regulatory domain DFS channels 144 ,bonded DFS pairs: 40mhz-channel-pair 140-144, 80mhz-channel-group 132-144
  3. Removed Regulatory domain channels 161,165

Note: some configuration parameters are applicable to later versions of AOS. When the configuration is applied you will receive a error due to this condition and can be ignored. 


Client-Match parameters based on Venue types.

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