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Clearpass and Airwave VRDs



I think one of the most valuable documents you can find are precisely the VRDs. I find Clearpass and Airwave sorely lacking in that aspect.





It's a good idea,that already been raised here a lot of times. :smileyhappy:


But if you guys,will dig a bit in this great forum - you will find a lot of great info regarding config/deploying aruba diffrent products.


Start Here:



Then go to read a bit more here:


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There is certainly quite a few best practices design guides for Airwave with Aruba Networks deployments here:  Airwave is a monitoring tool, so it exists to monitor your network design so you can further Validate that design.  The best practices guides for Airwave have many suggestions on how to do that.


With regards to ClearPass, if there was a VRD created, it would have to be updated weekly due to the types and combinations of access and enforcement possibilities uncovered all the time.  I am 95% sure there is a VRD the works.  Meanwhile, please examine the technotes here: for more specific information on deployments.