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Improved creation of Routing (Ways), or documentation in Meridian

I managed to totally fail and had to contact TAC when adding routing on a map in Meridian due to the limitation that new ways in your route have to start from a crossing-dot.


If you add a long route through a hallway and then try to add detours from that line you will instead create a lot of multiple routes on top of each other without having them connected to the main line.


The way to properly add a detour from a straight line is to delete the line in full, ten add it again but klick and make it into two or more lines instead of one, and then you can start your detour from the now connected dot.


The user guide did not mention how you should start your routing, and at least I fail to see why you are allowed to create multiple non connected routes on the same map. Having a limitation, or a pop-up or anything to acknowledge the creation of a new routing layer (not connected to the existing one) would help out a lot.