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Instant vs controlller documentation

This would be really useful for presales...

I get a lot of clients asking me this... i know some difference but it would be nice if Aruba could give a official document wiht this which is updated everytime a realease of IAP change this...



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Thank you for sharing this idea with us!


:) it's importent

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What types of updates are you wanting to see (that are not in the release notes)?



roger @ arubanetworks . com


Hello Rog

What  i was looking is like a matrix in which you can read really EASY and show to the clients well this is what you would get with aruba instant and this is what you add if you put it a controller.


Something that would help us to show the client the difference between instant and controller based.   But in an easy way. 

But with a official document of Aruba, which get updated when the Instants get updated with new features?




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I'd like to ellaborate on this since this is a question I get from every single customer. Here's what I'd like to see:


* A list of high-level reasons that you would want to choose controller instead of IAP, things like the ability to terminate RAPs or MASs, run VIA, or scale above X number of APs, or any other design considerations that we should know about


* Speaking of scale, I'd like to see official recommendations on what the scale cutoff is for each IAP model. How many IAPs is the maximum suggested per cluster, how many clients is the maximum suggested per cluster, any other limiting factors, etc.


* A matrix showing at very fine detail what features you can do on a controller that you can't do on an IAP. For example, if you cannot do something with the firewall rules in the IAP that you can do on controller, or perhaps a minor subcommand found within a larger set of commands relating to Client Match that are tuneable on the controller but not IAP, I want to know that. (These may not be real examples, just trying to get my point across)


* A feature comparison between features that exist in both the IAP and controller, but are different on the two platforms, for example, Spectrum Analyzer.