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VRD remote Networkikng

Okay it would be a nice adding on this VRD for the cases when you got remote branches but OVER a private WAN interface, which is a common case...  What would be Aruba recommendation for this specific Scenario? it would be nice to see it on this VRD or in some VRD(as far i have been reading i didnt see this specific case on any VRD and if im wrong please guide me to the correct VRD to read it adn well sorry :) )


As far i understand the Remote AP is good  used in scenario in when you want traffic coming back over the internet from a non-private-wan connected site


Now what would happen with  the private wan connected site? well as far i read and i remenber i read on the forums that in this case you would use a campus ap but in  a bridge mode(if you didnt want to tunnel back all the traffic)


If im correct it would be really nice to see that on the VRD

At least i use  a LOT the VRD tool when clients ask me why i want to do that or this in this way  and its just easy to tell them well because is what aruba recommend and you have document  from aruba to prove your point! which is really really helpful! i think the VRD are one of the BEST thing i have seem of aruba :) 

And of course it do help me to do it in the correct way...

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Three words "forward mode bridge".


You could turn on control plane security, which allows you to bridge with regular campus APs.  You can also provision an AP as a remote AP which would add survivability/ traversing Nat boundaries, even internally, etc.


Hello Collin

I know about Forward mode bridge as i read a post of you telling about this before...  the thing is that i dont see that on the VRD and i just said it would be nice if we could see that specific scenario in which we are going through a wan private link and aruba recomending maybe the forward mode bridge or making an specific recomendation for it.


yeah i could use Remote AP but as you said before and well im agree with you,  thats not for that... and for what i remenber you said Remote AP persistent and tunneled is useful for when an access point is deployed over the internet.  It is not designed for access points already deployed internally.  Im just saying it would be nice to have it on a VRD saying that   Unless i missundersttood what you mean as my english is not the best.



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You are correct.  It certainly could use an explanation somewhere as a valid scenario.




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