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Openness is Critical for Finding and Remediating Targeted Attacks

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

Spending on IT security is up 7% this year, according to Gartner, with worldwide IT security spending expected to reach $86.4 billion in 2017. Despite growing investment, the data breach situation is getting worse. Technologies such as cloud, mobility and IoT have created new entry points that enable cybercriminals to bypass traditional enterprise security defenses with attacks that target specific organizations, coopt legitimate credentials and, once on the inside, take days, weeks or even months to unfold.


Operating under the assumption that the perimeter can be breached, security teams need to shift to their focus on detecting and stopping attacks before they do damage. An open security framework can create a more coordinated, effective ecosystem.


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Aruba 360 Secure Fabric is designed to be part of an open, multivendor ecosystem that enables security teams to detect and stop attacks on the inside faster. The Aruba 360 Secure Fabric is an integrated framework of Aruba security products and technologies that are designed to leverage the insight and intelligence of an organization’s security ecosystem. At its foundation, it provides unmatched security that is built into the Aruba wireless access points, controllers and switches, including device hardening, military-grade encryption, and per-user role-based access control.



Aruba 360 Security Fabric also leverages Aruba IntroSpect User Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA), which continuously monitors activity from all users and devices and creates a baseline of behaviors from which download-2.jpganomalies are detected that may indicate a breach. Aruba ClearPass, which provides secure, policy-based network access control for users and devices, can use the same policy engine to respond to attack signals, whether from IntroSpect or from the 100+ technology partners that are part of the Aruba 360 Security Exchange. This integration enables suspicious devices to be automatically quarantined or blocked from the network until further investigation can be done.


No product or vendor can claim to have all the answers to an increasingly complex and dangerous threat environment. That’s why Aruba security products are integrated with a wide variety of products and services, including firewalls, mobile device management, security information and event management, deception technology, two-factor authentication, DNS and IP address management, single sign-on and visitor registration, and many others. These best-of-breed products leverage Aruba’s REST APIs, syslog messages, and Aruba’s new Extensions repository to coordinate across the 360 Secure Fabric and together, deliver visibility into threats across the enterprise and actively enforce policies.


With Aruba 360 Secure Fabric, customers can choose their preferred security solutions while increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of the security team. They are not locked into a single source for security solutions—or beholden to that vendor’s product roadmap. Openness enables security teams to derive more value from their security investments—today and in the future. And it lets businesses create a well-coordinated security ecosystem that is sustainable while protecting the information resources that matter most.


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