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3.3 Master-Local setup

Good Morning all

Just a query we have a customer who has already has a aruba 2400 installed and has added an additional controller to extend his number of access points he has used the wizard to configure his local controller and has all the Vlans and L3 configured .

he is using the default group for his current AP's but when he tries to add a specific AP to boot up from the local controller it does not work also if he sets up his AP sytem profile for the AP and puts the LMS-IP as his local all his other AP's on the master boot up on the local he says this did not happen on 2.5 ?
we have told him that when he adds an AP specific he will have to create another profile under the default and point this to the LMS-IP of the Local ?

Any Ideas ?:confused:
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3.3 Master-Local setup

Let me try to address your questions:

The configuration for 3.3.x vs. 2.5 are completely different. We use
the concept where AP belongs to AP Groups in AOS 3.3.x, whereas, we
referred to location for 2.5.

If you have multiple controllers, the best way to control which
controller the AP terminates at is defining the lms-ip under the ap
system-profile. At a very minimum, you would need to define lms-ip for
each controller which translates up to ap-groups.

There is also the AP specific configuration, but I suspect that you
would probably want to define a new ap-group once with the corresponding
lms-ip instead of defining for each AP.

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Hi Michael

The customer we have is very old school he does not want to create new groups or have to rebuild his SSID and AAA profiles etc. Although we have told him that he will not need to rebuild his profiles.
He just wants to use the default and add AP's to the Local controller when needed so in this case I suppose the only way he can do that is to create a new ap profile for the LMS-IP

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Re: 3.3 Master-Local setup

Hi JD,

I don't quite understand what you mean by old school .. but you have one solution.

In my best practice, I use the defaults if it does not require modifications. Instead of modifying the defaults, I create new profiles to use.

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Old School

Hi Michael old school means fixed in the way he does things does not want to change or experiment from what he knows he would still be running 2.4 2.5 code if it was not for the fact he needed the VSM module for Wi-Fi telephony.

Anyhow he has decided just to change the AP profile for individual AP's to connect to his local controller.

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