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3600 Controller w/ RAP and Internal APs

Here is my dilemma, I got my RAP configuration to work but had to put my controller in the DMZ per ISP in order to map a public IP to my controller for obvious security reasons. Once I did this my internal APs lost connection to the controller. I am sure if I play with ACLs going to the DMZ I can fix that issue but I really don't want all that traffic going through my DMZ and would to keep the internal traffic internal. SInce the 3600 controller has 4 eth/fiber ports I can use is there a way to run one port tot he DMZ for the RAPs to access the controller and one port to the internal network without any issue. This way my internal traffic stays internal and my 1 or 2 RAPs we will use on a limited basis can stay in DMZ?
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Re: 3600 Controller w/ RAP and Internal APs

1. Create a static route for all your internal networks and point that to your existing internal default gateway
2. Make your default gateway your ISP's first hop ip address

You probably have done #2 already and that is why your APs are down. Do #1 and they should come back up.

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