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3com 4400 vlans not working with aruba controller

im trying to install a 3400 controller and i am running into issues

the environment has a 3com switch with only two ports available
one switchport for the controller and one for the backup controller

right now, most traffic runs over vlan 1 except for the wireless which is vlan 7

if the switchport that the controller is plugged into is set to untagged on vlan 1, i can get into the gui but if i change the switchport to tagged 1 and 7 then it doesnt work

any ideas?
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Re: 3com 4400 vlans not working with aruba controller


That is probably because the controller ports are set to trunking by default with the native VLAN set to 1. If you change the native vlan on the Aruba controller to something other than 1 or 7, you should be able to reach the controller if you tag both 1 & 7.
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Re: 3com 4400 vlans not working with aruba controller

The primary VLAN should always be untagged so that it cares the other vlans tagged across the link. So on the 3com and Aruba set the uplink ports to “VLAN1 untagged” and “VLAN7 tagged” (any additional VLANS should also be tagged)

Just to confuse you some manufactures allow you to set the primary vlan as tagged, but this method doesn’t always work with cross vender switches. So to play is safe always untagg your primary VLAN.
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