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did it work?

I'm curious like Ryan....
I have seen Cisco gear top out around 50-60 clients on a single AP, although this was only ever tested with a certain client type. This was on the 1232 and 1242 models running in LWAP mode. Additionally this was first discovered where there were about 90 to 100 clients docked under a single AP where clients would just randomly drop and not be able to reconnect (a process for storing devices was changed with out consulting the wireless team), but further testing revealed the real limit to be much closer to the the 50 to 60 limit.

I'd like to see what your results where and what the aruba infrastructure can handle in real world scenarios. Where I have Aruba gear deployed we would never reach such a mass of clients, however that could change given the explosive popularity of bringing consumer wifi enabled devices into the enterprise.

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Re: 750 iPod Clients in one Room


it was horrible...

only 40, 50 clients are able to connect, many clients get no ip adress... the dhcp request comes three times to the dhcp server (its also the gateway). the most clients have no connection to wireless.

now i test it in my lab with one ap and 100 ipods.

we connecting to alcatel-lucent and to aruba, maybe they have any idea about that.

Better luck next time!

i seen in the "show ap active", 50 clients on one ap but on the next ap i have only 3 or 4 clients. can we control it only with spectrum load balancing?
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Deployment and Limits


The laws of physics have limits, and quite frequently those limits are in the spectrum, and physical layout and not the ability of hardware to handle numbers of users. The closer and closer you get to those limits, the more you will have to work closely with your local Aruba/Alcatel professional, because even with best practices in place, the solution will need to be modeled to your own individual deployment. Identifying interference from outside sources that are non-802.11, as well as specifically tuning the infrastructure for non-enterprise ready devices like the iPod touch is essential for a deployment like yours.

We strongly suggest that you work directly with someone who can specifically explain what you can and cannot do and the best way to achieve success. We have a Validated Reference Guide on our website, just like Andy mentioned that discusses a good deal of the considerations with such a deployment. This guide is a great starting point to give you an idea of what is needed, but ultimately you will have to consult with a professional who can apply these principles, identify hidden obstacles, and lead you on the right path to success.

*Answers and views expressed by me on this forum are my own and not necessarily the position of Aruba Networks or Hewlett Packard Enterprise.*
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