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800 Controller WebUI problem

So I acquired a model 800 controller on Ebay for cheap. Not for production, but for tinkering around in the lab and generally trying things never intended for production.

Originally it had AirOS 2.3.3 so some upgrading was necessary. Followed all the instructions. Upgraded the unit to 2.5, then up to 3.3 and finally to

Controller is fine and behaving normally via console and SSH (still need to sort out licenses, but that's a separate issue). The WebUI however is giving some strange issues.

I connect and login as admin and it returns an error:

Can't update a new session: 9f20d83e-517e-42cb-b515-6be4bd8e5092, Table 'wms.http_session' doesn't exist

Nothing in the KB or forums on this one. Any suggestions? I'm not above reloading things at this point.
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Re: 800 Controller WebUI problem

My bad, I didn't try *everything*. A 'write erase all' took care of it. Previously I had only done a 'write erase'.

Just ignore my brain fart.
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Re: 800 Controller WebUI problem

That was due to a defunct mysql database. I'm glad the 'write erase' cleared it.
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