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ACMA anyone?

Anyone here attempted ACMA before?
Is it tough?
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Re: ACMA anyone?

ACMA is fine, so long as you have a baseline understanding of the technology and general operational knowledge. Easy or tough for me is hard to gauge, as I'm in it every day so I didn't think it was tough. The topics list is pretty thorough though, so if you understand the list within each type of cert, you should be fine.

Jerrod Howard
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Re: ACMA anyone?

Make sure you know the 3.3.2.x wizards inside and out. Outside of that it's basic Aruba knowledge. How ADP works, Aruba Architecture basics (understanding things like a wireless user's default gateway is on the controller, not the L3 switch to which the AP is connected), etc.

If you're been through IAW/PTT or the 4-day course you'll be fine.
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ACMA anyone

Make sure you thoroughly understand roles & policies too. I did not find it to be tough, but it was a solid testing of current knowledge. One nice thing was no trick(y) questions.
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