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Re: AP 124 rebooting

Please enable "port-fast" on the port of cisco 3750.

Apart from these, please ensure that there are no radar signals around :) You can try to shut down 11a radio.
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core dumps

Any insight for the following error messages?

Jan 22 08:01:03 |AP Aruba_N_AP01@ nanny| Process Manager (nanny) shutting down - AP will reboot!
-This one is approx the time this AM I saw the AP had rebooted because it's uptime had been about 4 minutes or so. The AP was in airmonitor mode for both the 2.4ghz and 5ghz radios.

Jan 22 00:57:55 |AP Aruba_N_AP01@ nanny| Restarted process /sbin/syslogd, new pid 222
The AP was in airmonitor mode for both the 2.4ghz and 5ghz radios. Not sure what happened here considering it was at about 1am.


schlafket, I recommend you enable core-dumps for the APs so that when a process crashes, it'll create a file and pass it onto your TFTP server. This is useful to TAC for analysis. Many times, this has resulted in us having to RMA the access point (or it has lead to a much bigger (worse) issue).

ap system-profile
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if you are indeed running on those access points. Please try upgrading them, because a great deal of issues have been resolved since then. An open case with support will yield the quickest results on whether it is hardware or software that is causing your issues. A reboot message means that an orderly event precedes those reboots, and that must be investigated by support.

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Re: AP 124 rebooting

Just to update and give a resolution - after talking with our Aruba account team, there was a bug in the version of code I was running. I upgraded to the latest in the 3.3.2 train ( and my APs have been stable since. I believe the actual bug fix is in the release.