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AP 124 rebooting

Has any one encountered an issue with AP124s constantly rebooting after attaching to a controller for a few minutes?
I have a master and local 3400 setup in my lab with 2 ap124s. I had the IPs set statically and now have then on DHCP to eliminate the possibility of IP contention. Both my controllers and on and had no issues with the AP70s I previously had setup. I have two AP groups configured and have moved them between the two groups and still have the same reboot issue. I have verified my VRRP groups are working properly with my Local controller as the master for both VRRP group.s

These AP124s were previously used in this same setup and same lab some months ago and had no issues. Since then I have had them un-powered at my desk.

Does anyone have some debug commands or config items can focus on from the controller CLI to take a look at reboot reasons?

I am also going to test with a new pair of APs straight from the box to eliminate anything that may have happened to the APs while in storage.
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Re: AP 124 rebooting

The first thing I would check is speed and duplex. The AP12x APs have a gig interface and if the LAN is hardset you will get a mismatch. When you run this command the speed and duplex info is at the end. The first line of the command shows you reboot information that might tell you something also. Don't worry if you see wifi tx/rx errors some are normal.

show ap debug system-status ap-name "AP125"

Ethernet Duplex/Speed Settings
Autoneg Speed (Mbps) Duplex Iface
------- ------------ ------ -----
on 100 Full eth0
on 10 Half eth1

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Re: AP 124 rebooting

Thanks, looks like I am good on that part with 1000 and full, which it should be since I am connected to a Cisco 3750. I am planning on looking at the switch side shortly here, but not expecting any issues since I just swapped out the AP70s for the 124s on the exact same ports. I would expect if it was a switch problem I would have seen with with the AP70s.

I have shut off the .11a radios on the APs and have seen much better stability than I was seeing previously. The reason for this is since these APs were last installed in the lab there has a been a change in the environment with the addition of other .11n APs, where previously these where the only ones installed.

Since then I have had them connected with out a reboot for 25+ minutes(knock on wood!) Is there any sort of IPS/IDS mechanism that would potentially cause this issue?

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Re: AP 124 rebooting

IDS/IPS shouldn't cause a reboot. One thing to note is a reboot and a bootstrap are two different things. A bootstrap is caused by missing too many heartbeats (8 by default) and a reboot is when the AP can't talk to the controller at all.

for bootstraps and reboots run one of these commands

show ap details ap-name "apname"
show ap debug counters ap-name "apname"
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RE: [ArubaOS and Controllers-t-1885] AP 124 rebooting

It doesn't sound like it would be the case if you just swapped the AP-70 for an AP-124, but we have also run into continuous reboots in the past when the DHCP scope was not setup properly. We had encountered this issue when more than one default gateway was configured on the scope as well as when the domain name issued by DHCP did not resolve properly to aruba-master.{domain} (if you are using DNS for the APs to locate the controllers). We are looking into another situation where we had to add helper addresses to the controller in order to stabalize the access points as they weren't getting an IP address with via the helper addresses on the LAN switch infrastructure. We have never run into that before and expect that it is something unique to the configuration in that site, but I wanted to pass it along just in case it might help others.
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Re: AP 124 rebooting

Just throwing it out there, but is the 3750 a 48 port POE, and full? I belive there is a limit to the number of POE devices that is less than 48, maybe thats your problem?
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Re: AP 124 rebooting

Another problem that we encountered today during an upgrade from v2.5.5.8 to v3.3.1.29 on a controller in Australia is that somehow the country setting for the controller was set to US after the upgrade (or it was set to US all along and we didn't realize it in v2.5.5.8). You may want to check the errorlog to see if there are any reports of regulatory domain issues or other issues.

show log errorlog all
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Re: AP 124 rebooting

@garrett - The 3750 isnt fully populated so I am pretty certain that would not be causing the issue.

@tdeboard thanks for the suggestion but the DHCP scope has no issues as I have other devices in the same subnet and scope and am not having issues with any of them.

@sandiegojenkins What is the difference between the reboot and bootstrap? If the AP is boostrapping due to too many missed heartbeats am I able to turn up that timer to allow the AP to miss more heartbeats for the time being?

I have had my .11a radios off an the APs were stable the all of yesterday and it looks like that held true through the night as well.
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Re: AP 124 rebooting

Any insight for the following error messages?

Jan 22 08:01:03 |AP Aruba_N_AP01@ nanny| Process Manager (nanny) shutting down - AP will reboot!
-This one is approx the time this AM I saw the AP had rebooted because it's uptime had been about 4 minutes or so. The AP was in airmonitor mode for both the 2.4ghz and 5ghz radios.

Jan 22 00:57:55 |AP Aruba_N_AP01@ nanny| Restarted process /sbin/syslogd, new pid 222
The AP was in airmonitor mode for both the 2.4ghz and 5ghz radios. Not sure what happened here considering it was at about 1am.

Jan 21 16:49:05 |AP Aruba_N_AP01@ sapd| AM 00:1a:1e:14:47:b0: HT 40MHZ Intolerance setting detected from MAC f4:69:a9:08:1d:b2, to dc:bb:c3:98:b6:c2, Channel=44 RSSI=48 and FrameType=8

The AP was in airmonitor mode for both the 2.4ghz and 5ghz radios. I assume this just means the AP heard another AP on the same frequency and is reporting it back to the controller.
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Re: AP 124 rebooting

Is this still happening? If so you should open a ticket because rebooting isn't normal. Yes you can change your Bootstrap threshold under the AP system profile. But it sounded like it was rebooting?

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