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AP85's and a Aruba Controller

Hi All,

Was wondering if anyone has played with the AP85's outdoors as point to point bridges and can tell me the difficulty factor in setting it up ?

I've been using AP80MB's for quite a long time with other brand -23db directional antenna's, and now that they are EOL'd am looking at the AP85's..


Re: AP85's and a Aruba Controller

The biggest difference you'll find is that you have better control and visibility over what's going on than what you had with the standalone bridges. There's a lot more instrumentation and better integration with the controller software. In terms of setup, there's an "AP Wizard" in ArubaOS 3.4 that basically walks you through the setup of mesh APs - it makes the entire thing pretty easy.

I haven't personally set up bridging on the AP-85, but I did set it up on a pair of AP-120s in order to network a DirecTV satellite receiver into the rest of my network at home. The process is pretty much identical between all AP models, other than you need to specify antenna parameters for the AP-85.
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