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AP93 only with 802.11a OR g


today i've installed an 4704-WLC. All things went fine, I've connected the AP93 to the controller. The Release is

I have two SSIDs, one for Voice which is running at 802.11a and one for normal Data. This SSID runs on 802.11g.

I've created a 802.11a and g profile, an virtual-ap profile for both, ssid-profiles and so on - All things ENABLED.

I've then created the Provisioning Profile which contains both (802.11a and g SSIDs).

Now comes the problem:
The Access-Point only takes the 802.11g interface in service. The 802.11a interface is down. Okay, i've tryed an other AP. All things the same.

I've then looked into the AP system profile where i could find a point which means that the AP should work with 802.11g (it's a Dropdown-Field). After changing this to a, the AP correctly takes the 802.11a interface in service and the voice ssid appears BUT at the same time, the AP shuts down the 802.11g Interface and the the Data-SSID disappears.

This tells me, that the AP-Groups and all the profiles are configured correct. But it isn't possible to select something like "both".

I've configured many controllers and this is the first time having this issue. Is there a bug or something new in aos

Thanks for your answers! :)
Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

Re: AP93 only with 802.11a OR g

The 93 is a single radio AP, it can only do A or G, not both at the same time. You need to buy a different AP if you need to run both bands at the same time on the same AP.

Andy Logan, ACDX
Director, Strategic Account Solutions
Aruba Networks
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Re: AP93 only with 802.11a OR g

okay, biggest fail :eek:

Thanks for the fast answer.
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