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APs on HT-40mhz and HT-20mhz with same profile

I'm running and I haven't quite figured out how to get my APs to allow a/b/g/n but only use the 5Ghz range and 40mhz channels. I know this should be easy and I have plenty of APs working currently with these settings, but when deploying new AP125's I seem to be going through all the same settings over and over.
I have a profile set to 4 AP 125s right now and one of them is using 40mhz just fine. I don't have an AP-specific profile for any of the APs.
Should Legacy Stations be on or off (does it matter)?
Should my ARM assignment be single or multi?
Do I allow 'all' bands or just 'a' for 40mhz, and do I do the same under each profile (a and g)?
Does it matter if Band Steering is on? or preferred-access?
If it helps at all, here is my
show ap debug received-config

The AP that is working in 40mhz has this exact result from this command.
Downloaded Config for WIFI 0
Item Value
---- -----
Mode AP Mode
QBSS Probe Response Allow Access
High throughput enable (radio) Enabled
Channel 161
Beacon Period 100 msec
Transmit Power 21 dBm
Active Scan Enabled
VoIP Aware Scan Disabled
Power Save Aware Scan Disabled
Load aware Scan Threshold 1250000 Bps
40 MHz intolerance Disabled
Honor 40 MHz intolerance Enabled
Legacy station workaround Disabled
Encryption opensystem
DTIM Interval 1 beacon periods
802.11a Basic Rates 6 12 24
802.11a Transmit Rates 6 9 12 18 24 36 48 54
Station Ageout Time 1000 sec
Local Probe Response Enabled
Disable Probe Retry Enabled
BC/MC Rate Optimization Disabled
High throughput enable (SSID) Enabled
40 MHz channel usage Enabled
MPDU Aggregation Enabled
Short guard interval in 40 MHz mode Enabled
Band Steering Enabled