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Aberrant behavior in Master/MasterBU relationship

I have a customer with 4 controllers, total. As masters, a 5000 w/ an SC-II sup and a 3600 both running There are also 2 6000s w/ M3mk1 sups and 24port line cards, also running

When initially bringing up the masters, for some reason, the 3600 master backup dropped the src-nat rule from all of the policies it sync'd. The pool was there, but the rules were all missing. It wasn't realised at that point and so that was propogated down to the locals (when the 3600 became active).

I went through all the release notes for this version of code up to and including the latest and couldn't find any known or resolved issues.

Any ideas?

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Re: Aberrant behavior in Master/MasterBU relationship

Any chance the FW license isn't showing up on the 3600 master, and are we sure the license took and isn't in need of a reboot? That's the only thing I can think of where a FW based rule wouldn't show up on the config.

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