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Adding Supernet as Stateful Firewall Destination

I am creating an "RFC1918" destinations rule in the Stateful Firewall. Usually I will add the following network destination in security rules.

This will include addresses from thru The RFC1918 Class B address space. However when I attemtp to add this as a network destination the controller gives me an error indicating that the network or range is too large...

Has anyone seen this? Without being able to summerize, my "RFC1918" destination has a Rule Count of 18 rather than 3...
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Re: Adding Supernet as Stateful Firewall Destination

It certainly looks like it's working (at least under 5.0.2)

See below:

(ArubaTelford) #show netdestination toto

Position Type IP addr Mask/Range
-------- ---- ------- ----------
1 network

(ArubaTelford) #
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