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Aruba 800 in continuous reboot loop!

I have an Aruba 800 that was fine!!!

I have loaded a backup file “flashbackup.tar.gz” back on to the controller after making some changes to the original config that where not needed and now want to revert to backup.

After the restore I rebooted the controller and now it’s stuck in a continuous reboot loop something about “sshd process died.”

Below is some of the text output:

ArubaOS Version (build 18791 / label #18791)
Built by p4build@trinidad on 2008-06-25 at 15:51:54 PDT (gcc version 3.4.1)
Copyright (c) 2002-2008, Aruba Networks, Inc.

<<<<< Welcome to Aruba Networks - Aruba A800-US >>>>>

Performing CompactFlash fast test... passed.
Reboot Cause: Nanny rebooted machine - sshd process died.
Crash information available.
Restoring the database...

I can just about get in to enable mode when it shuts down and reboots again.

Anyone have any fixes for this one?

help me please!!:confused:
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Looks like...

a job for Aruba Support, unfortunately..

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Re: Aruba 800 in continuous reboot loop!

Just an update to say I have found the fix to the problem.

It looks like something in the flashbackup.tar.gz file to do with SSH was corrupt.

Luckily I had another 800 controller that I took a new backup file from so that I had a working flashbackup.tar.gz

Then I put the file on my TFTP server and in notepad wrote out the commands to copy the file to the controller and restore the flash.

I then copied these commands and using HyperTerminal with a console lead waited for the controller to finish the next reboot. As fast as I could I got the controller into enable mode and then in the 10 seconds I have before it reboots I Pasted the commands from the text file.

Then the controller rebooted and then stopped going in to the reboot loop.

Reset the config and it was fine. (Thank god for those 10 seconds it gave me in enable mode to recover it)
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