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Aruba APs as Interferring

I added a local controller to a site many miles from the master and noticed that the APs at the local site are being classified as Interferring APs by WIP. There are two VAPs on each of the APs, a secure and a guest. For the most part, all of the instances shown as Interferring APs are showing both of the SSIDs (secure and guest) in the list.

I thought it might be because I had just activated the network there but the classification of Aruba APs as interferring persists after 24 hours. Any thoughts?
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Re: Aruba APs as Interferring

Do you see the local controller listed in the "show switches" outuput on the master?
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Re: Aruba APs as Interferring

I will be at the customer site tomorrow (Wednesday) and will check that out. I assume that if it is not listed then I have lost connectivity between them. I am able to ping each controller from the other but I did not check the "show switches " command. Come to think of it I have a case open with TAC due to non-updating configuration between the master and the local. Could the two be related? If the local is listed in the command what could be some other cause?

Re: Aruba APs as Interferring

On the local do a #show wms general.
Is master should be no. Certain versions there is a bug when everytime a write mem is done on the master it causes all the locals to think they are master for the wms process.

On the local do #process restart wms

If this doesn't resolve, then on the master GUI, go to the interfering list of AP and mark the ones in question as valid and apply.

Hope that helps

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