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Aruba OS Layer3 Mobility Issues

Once again I am checking with all of you to see if any of you have had issues with Layer3 mobility since upgrading to I have noticed through some user debugs that it appears that the Layer 3 mobility is not working as it should. The symptoms are as follows: When a device roams from one mobility domain to another mobility domain it instantly loses ip connectivity. The device remains connected and authenticated to the wireless network but the ip conncetivity does not work. The debugs show that instead of remaining on it's vlan in the new mobility domain it is moved to another vlan on the new controller and then it appears that the user entry is updated on both mobility domains and the device is dead even if it goes back to it's home domain. I have found that if I delete the user entry on the home controller when it comes back to the original mobility domain the device will start working again immediately. If anyone has any insight into this it would be greatly appreciated. I am currently working with Aruba TAC but if I can resolve sooner rather than later it might keep the user community from hating any more than they currently do.
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Need more data

You say "move from one mobility domain to another", however roaming is meant to occur within a mobility domain, not across domains. So, I don't know if this is just misuse of terminology or incorrect expectations, or misunderstanding on my part. Please clarify.

You said 802.11 association is fine but IP connectivity breaks. What does the device look like in the user-table? Original IP or new one? Gather additional MobileIP information from both the home and foreign agents/controllers. Before executing the cross-controller roam, go to the foreign agent and see if it can find the device:

show ip mobile trace

See output of the trace by issuing this command:

show ip mobile remote

Post-roam, look at how MIP sees the device on both the foreign and home agents:

show ip mobile host

Post all your output on this thread. Hopefully I'll see it, although I look at Airheads intermittently. Feel free to PM me.
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