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ArubaOS QoS


I can't seem to get a clear answer to the question "How does the Aruba controller deal with QoS marked packets for both wired & wifi connected devices"?

We have a few different types ( VoIP, video, etc...) of DSCP/IP PREC marked traffic in our environment. With QoS enabled, our switching gear simply honors the markings on the packets and forward the traffic. In some places we may remark traffic at the router/L3 device based on different criteria.

We can also see the DSPC to COS & COS to DSCP mappings on the switches to help confirm how the traffic is being handled on each device.

When it comes to traffic passing through the Aruba controller we are not sure what it is doing with the marked traffic. We don't want the controller to "re-mark" the settings, simply want the controller to honor and process the wired and wifi traffic based on the markings.

We have are running with plans to upgrade to 6.1 later this year. Using RAPs, CAPs, directly connected devices, and devices connected to switches that connect to the various Aruba devices.

Any insight would be appreciated


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