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ArubaOS Software feature Matrix

Hi, has anyone seen a software feature matrix for the new version 5 & version 6 code releases, if so could they kindly send me the location details?

Many thanks in advance

Graham Dayer
Pervasive Networks Ltd
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Re: ArubaOS Software feature Matrix

The only thing I've found is the matrix on the software download site, but this hasn't been updated since 1/19/2010: 

It would be great to see this updated more regularly to assist in planning code upgrades, especially since this document seems to be particularly out of date (for 3.3.3 it shows end of development 2-Mar-10 and end of support 2-Oct-10, but there was a 3.3.3 release this month).

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AOS software feature matrix

Thanks Jonah, yes i have that version and i do agree with you.

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Re: AOS software feature matrix

Hey folks,


Just edited Jonah's reply with the new and updated link. Thanks for bringing this to our attention!


Here is the latest link.