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Automated WEP key rotation ?

We are using our Aruba solution to provide both corporate (WPA - TKIP) and Guest access on the same infrastructure. To prevent 'accidental' connection to the Guest wlan by our Corporate laptops, we want to WEP it and rotate these keys periodically. We our also using the Captive Portal to ensure that we know who is using our Guest and it's not open to the world. (Guest vlan only allows access to an ADSL link and not onto Corporate Lan at all).
My question is, is it possible to populate the controller with a number of keys, then have it rotate them automagically? On a weekly basis for example?
The reason we want to prevent 'accidental' connection to Guest is to reduce the number of calls our Helpdesk get where the user has connected to the Guest and not the Corporate wlan.
Any ideas other than an automated ssh / telnet script that drops in a new key ?
Thanks in advance !
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