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BUG Report Firewall Policy

Hi @ all

i found a bug.
Controller Version:AOS-W Build: 28554 Tue May 31 14:01:43 PDT 2011

Go to: Security > Access Control > Firewall Policies

The Bug is occuring at creating an new policy with following roles:

If you create a firewall rule with a Network. The Webfrontend does not support the netmask in decimal. The controller shows an error that tehre is an invalid input for the netmask.
If you try the short form e.g. 24 for it works. After applying the policy is shown in the overview but the rule count is 0.

I made the Webfrontend show the CLI commands which was the same e.g.

On the webfrontend i did not find a solution. Rules were not applied.

I opend an ssh connection to the CLI and copy paste the command. Suprise Suprise... the CLI does not know this command.
I created the command step by step by using tab completion an '?' so that the cli wants the decimal writing of the netmask an NOT the short form.

afterwards the rule was correctly shown in the Policy overview.

Did anyone have similar problems?
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Re: BUG Report Firewall Policy will not be patched any further. Please upgrade to or later and see if it still exists.

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