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Bandwidth Contract on VLAN?

There is a config on the VLAN interfaces to put a bandwidth contract to limit multicast traffic. I am in a campus environment w/ a large student population. Could someone help me explore the theory of what a 1mb contract would do in this case? Presume that I've applied the contract to all VLAN's that have the wireless traffic.

Student's access to the internet is through an upstream PAT firewall. They can go anywhere and do anything.

There are no Role Based BWC's applied.

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Bandwidth Contract on VLANs

You are right. When you apply a bandwidth contract to a VLAN it constrains the broadcast/multicast traffic. Unfortunately, this will also constrain useful traffic like DHCP. It is a far better choice to enable the "drop broadcasts" option at the Virtual AP level to suppress broadcasts. Make sure you enable broadcast filter AP, as well when you enable "drop broadcasts".

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