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Best Practices to go from 3.x to 6.x ?

Hello Airheads!

I am upgrading a medium enterprise site (90 APs) from a 6000 running 3.x to a 3600 running 6.02. This site will be a new master for 2 similar size remote sites with 3600s.

I have a simple config on the current 6000 and I don't know if it would be easier to:

1. Install ver. 3.4 on the new 3600 and try to port the configuration over from the 6000 - then upgrade to 5.x then 6.x - this would maintain the IP address and IPSec key

2. Use the Gui to recreate the existing config?

Assume that I am using WPA2 and some AD with just 2 or 3 AP groups with no complicated schemes? Which would be better?
Does someone know of a tool that could clean up a 3.4 config so it can be imported into 6.x?
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Re: Best Practices to go from 3.x to 6.x ?

The release notes for 6.x contains an upgrade section that will determine where you need to go to next. The specific version of 3.x could also change your decision-making, so look at that chart correctly. At minimum, you will have to go to some variant of 5.x before going to 6.x.

There is nothing to clean up a config automatically, but there are a few mechanisms which keeps you from deleting profiles that are in use. You can certainly do a "backup flash" before you make any majore changes, so you can do a "restore flash" if things do not work out right. You should only "blow it away" if you can easily recreate what you did, but, if you do a backup flash, it will always be there for you to return to.

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