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Bridge Mode for Campus APs

I am interested to know if any other Aruba users have been deploying campus APs in bridge mode. This functionality was included in ArubaOS 5 and it came as somewhat of a surprise to me as it deviates from Aruba's traditional thin AP model.

I have done some limited testing of this feature myself and it appears to work as advertised, however I would like to know if there are any caveats to be aware of (other than the captive portal issue). It seems like this can eliminate the need for a local controller at certain sites.
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Re: Bridge Mode for Campus APs

We rolled out our new 'central wireless' setup with CAPs in bridge mode and it worked great. UNTIL we discovered that bridged CAPs still count as a physical AP and not a remote AP. In other words, we were limited to 512 CAPs (even through bridged) on an M3. We switched to RAPs and are now able to get up to the 1,536 APs that we purchased licenses for. :rolleyes:

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