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Bulk Add AP's

Is there a way to bulk add AP's into a controller? Can you do it in the command line or upload via spreadsheet?

The reason I ask is because I have ALOT of AP's to load into a controller. Typically I would bring the controller up in our lab and place it on a 24 port poe switch along with about 20 ap's at a time and just provision them. Then after those were done unplug and then plug in the next 20 and so on.... Then after they were all provisioned we would deploy them out in the buildings on the network and then install the controller at the core.

I'm just looking for a better faster way to provision all these ap's as this seems to be quite slow (and monotonous) when installing large deployments of over 500 AP's.

My wish would be that I could load the AP MAC address, AP Name, AP Group etc.. onto one spreadsheet and then just upload it into the controller. My other thought was to do it via command line. Is there a way i could cut copy paste straight into the ap-database? Anyone ever heard of anything similar to this?

I'm open to any suggestions as to how provision AP's into the system in a more efficient manner. I will deploying 1000's of AP's this summer and need a way to streamline this process a bit.


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Re: Bulk Add AP's

Please try the thread here:

It may or may not help you.

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