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Bulk creation of guest tickets

a customer wants to print out multiple guest passes to put them at the front desk so the clerk can pass them to their clients. they dont want to give the front desk guy access to the guest creation page on the controller. he should just pick one of the generated passes and hand them over.
problem now is that i dont know when a specific guest pass will be handed over to a client so i cannot configure the start and end date. still I dont want to create "never expire" entries.
Is there a way to limit a guest user to, lets say, 3 hours after first login with this username.
Is there an API that I can use to provision guest users from an external webserver to do bluk creation ?
I know I can import a csv to the controller but still i have to set start and end time for every user - which i dont know in advance.
Anyone an idea how to do that with the build in guest portal solution ?


Bulk creation of guest tickets

The Aruba Amigopod product supports the configuration/scenario you have
below to pre-provision a group of short-term guest accounts. The
accounts made by Amigopod can be set for an expiry time well into the
future, and for a set period of access in terms of minutes and/or bytes.

The 'clock' persay does not start on the accounts until the user logs in
and authenticates with the Amigopod server.
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