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Campus ap behind remote ap's wired port

We seem unable to get ssid’s up running on a campus ap which is located behind a remote ap. There is a network (lan switch) connected behind the wired port (eth1) on the remote ap 125. An in this network also a campus ap.
We run split tunneling on the wired port of the remote ap. We are talking Software
The campus ap is connected to the lan switch and get an ip addresses. But no SSID’s is coming up.

Is there a secret trick for this to work, or simply not intended to be possible?
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Re: Campus ap behind remote ap's wired port

Hi Ole,

Assuming your RAP is connected via a WAN link, which may be bandwidth constrained, or have long round trip delay and/or variable jitter, this will not be suitable to provide backhaul for a campus AP placed behind the RAP. Campus APs expect to see LAN quality connections in terms of speed and reliability - i.e. minimum 10Mb with stable/low latency and jitter. Also campus APs require a minimum MTU of 1500 bytes, which may not be possible via the RAP depending on your WAN link.

In summary, this topology is not recommended or supported.

One option to consider that will be available in future Aruba code, currently demonstrable in beta, is Remote Mesh Portal, which combines RAP and Mesh. Your RAP would also act as a Mesh portal, allowing additional down stream APs to be added via mesh backhaul.

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Re: Campus ap behind remote ap's wired port


I've recommended the customer to go for a local controller here with campus AP's behind.

But for now we've programmed both AP's at the remote sites as Remote APs.
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