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Campus wide plan and heat maps

We're in the early stages of a campus deployment with about 120 APs in ~20 buildings, with up to 20 AP-124s and outdoor antennas for outdoor coverage. Controller is a 6000 running 5.x OS. Airware is not part of the package yet, although it may be soon. Is there a way to map the entire campus, rather than just buildings, so we can see outdoor heat maps as well?
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Re: Campus wide plan and heat maps

I can't see a problem as long as you can import a map of the campus and include the size info.

The caveat being that I can't think of a way to have one ap in two maps. So you would need an AP group or Aps placed apart from in building APs.

A "rooftop" group would work fine. They would appear on the rooftop map.
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Re: Campus wide plan and heat maps


I don´t get it at all!! :confused:

We have similar issue, since 2004 :p, we have more than 200 APs 60,61,70 model and some 85 Models but our campus have more than 80 Buildings with concrete walls:eek:, so we need something similar. We are waiting for a "better" aruba/airwave support....

By the way: Spanish Welcome. ;)
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Re: Campus wide plan and heat maps

We have been asking for this for a while. I hear it's coming though!!

Best to file an RFE with your account manager.

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