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Captive Portal Certificates

Okay so I am trying to get the guest captive portal setup where they don't have to accept this certificate is invalid message when they try to connect. I thought I was on the right page however I ran into some issues. Right now if I go to my aruba controller management page it doesn't ask and says the certificate is valid. However, if I go to the captive portal page it asks me to trust the certificate authority handing out the certificate. I used GoDaddy is that not the place I should be using? Or is it something I am doing wrong? I also contacted go daddy to see if they have any ideas.
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Re: Captive Portal Certificates

I have also used go daddy cert but i still get the warning stating that this cert is not trusted.
Any idea what can fix that?
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Re: Captive Portal Certificates

Okay. I called into Tech support and got it all figured out. It was pretty tough and took the guy a while but this is what he came up with.

Go Daddy will give you two certs. The first one is the (xxxx=fqdn of cert) this needs to be changed to a .txt file. After you do that you have to copy all of that text of the file to your clipboard. After you do that you need to take gd_bundle.crt and change that to a txt file and paste what was previously copied from the other file and paste it to the very begining of this file. You will then need to save and change that file to cert.pem. This is the file you need to import into the controller as your certificate file like previous docs found on this forum.
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