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Captive Portal Logout pop up window problem

I have enabled the "logout pop up window" feature on my Captive portal. The page pops up when a user authenticates but the contents do not get displayed. browser reports an error that it cannot find the web page. It looks to me that a DNS entry may be missing somewhere.

Question is if the Portal can find to display the login page when can it not find to display the logout window?

Could this be a problem with my captive portal certificate or am I looking at a DNS issue? I should point out that I use a very restrictive DNS server for my captive portal. It is unable to look up on anything other than our DMZ and the internet. Perhaps I need to put in a custom entry for my securelogin?

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Re: Captive Portal Logout pop up window problem

Probably has to do with the cplogout ACL. Make sure have it in the post-authentication role or the user won't be able to talk to the controller to display the content in the logout window.
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Re: Captive Portal Logout pop up window problem

That's exactly what the problem was. Thanks Olino.

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