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Captive Portal Web Authentication

I am close to getting my guest network up using the Aruba Admin Guide. When the user connects to the open system they are getting an IP. And for every test so far I can't get into the internal network which is good. The three problems are.
1. When they try to go on the web they get a page that says web authentication is disabled.
2. I am trying to do Pat. I have a vlan 3 id that has an internal subnet of 172.24.x.x. I have a physical cable plugged into port Ge0/3 that connects to our DMZ/Internet Vlan and has a public ip. I am not able to ping out. I am sure I need to add a route somewhere for the public ip but I don't know the syntax very well in Arubas so I don't know what I should be putting.
3. Is there any thing I am missing from a security standpoint?

I have included my config as an attachment.
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Captive Portal Web Authentication

The vlan config on controller needs an address on that subnet. Exsample:
410 Pc1 Enabled Up Regular

Web Auth Disabled

To address the comment of : " 1. When they try to go on the web they get a page that says web authentication is disabled."

You need to ensure that the initial role has a captive portal authentication profile enabled/assigned.

You can set this under: Configuration/Access Control/User Role/Select Role/Edit and then look for Captive portal authentication profile.

In all probability, as-is, the captive portal profile will say 'not assigned' and that is what is generating this error for you.
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