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Captive Portal - Websense

We use Websense for URL filtering as well as an Aruba infastructure for wireless. We created a Captive Portal with a separate SSID for guest access. We assign a temp username/password for access to the Web. The user is able to get to the authentication page and successfully authenticate..however, not being able to get to any Web sites. Websense is prompting for a valid domain username/password for which the user does not have because they are a guest on a personal machine. We could add a group or username in AD and set the Websense permissions to unrestricted, but the guests would have to authenicate twice (once for captive portal, once for Websense) so this is not a viable solution for us. We are able to unblock at other locations through the router/firewall but this site does not have that ability. I have only found that you can add an exception (on the router side) to add a whole domain name not just IP.
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Re: Captive Portal - Websense

I have left Suddenlink Communications. If you have an urgent support issue, please call the helpdesk @ 866-244-3827 and they can refer you to the appropriate support resource.

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Re: Captive Portal - Websense

Maybe you can buiy another proxy and put in transparent mode, this way guest wont have to configure a proxy at all and autehtication to the proxy is also not needed.
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Re: Captive Portal - Websense

At one of my clients we setup a separate VLAN that lives on the controller only, then source that that entire VLAN to the controller IP address. Then, on Websense, we had them create an IP based policy specifically for the controller IP. All guest traffic will look like it comes from the controller IP, while real user traffic (presumably) is not NAT'd and has valid IPs on the LAN, so don't apply to this IP specific policy.
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Re: Captive Portal - Websense

I'm not a WebSense guru by any stretch, but is it possible to create an IP based policy targetted for an IP range rather than an individual host? If so, guest users could be isolated to their own vlan/subnet, with WebSense able to distinguish between guests and internal users.

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