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Captive Portal problems, OR, Arrgh! My love / hate relationship with Aruba!

I love Aruba - and I'm not ashamed to admit it. But there are times when I could just pick the lot up and do something nasty to it...
To be more specific, I am fighting with Captive portal at the moment *again*. I managed to get it working fantastically on my testbed, I have the luxury of my own testbed A800 on my desk, originally I got it working ok on (quiet at the back), then following an upgrade to I got it working again on the testbed...
My build was to have VLAN 1 as the LAN connection of gbe port (8) and ports 1-6 as VLAN 2 (Corporate WLAN - we direct connect some APs to the controller) and then a VLAN 3 on port 7 with an ADSL router direct to the internet for Guests only the Guest VLAN is VLAN 3 of course.
This is a really neat solution as traffic can never get from Guest to Corporate and cross our LAN - we have fierce security that state that non-Corporate traffic cannot cross our LAN, even if it is encrypted and goes from A-B only - so this solution solves that. DHCP is served off the ADSL router for guests (as of course the DNS servers can vary on ADSL after a reboot).
It worked fine, users would connect to Guest, enter the WEP Key (we use WEP here to prevent accidental Corporate Laptop connections to Guest), then they would try and surf and the Captive Portal page would flip up and allow access...
My problem is that the Captive Portal page now no longer automatically appears after the upgrade to the 'Live' controllers, I took it back to the testbed and now cannot get it to automatically appear -
How on earth can I get it to appear again?
I have a Guest VLAN, Guest WLAN, DHCP served off the ADSL router and the clients get an address, they get dropped into the logon-guest role and Captive Portal is set to the Guest role. I can manually get the Captive Portal page to appear if I enter http://arubacontroller/auth.index.html so it's not blocked. It was working ok !!!
I'm pulling my hair out (again), please can anyone point me at a Captive Portal tutorial or offer advice?
Thanks !
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