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Captive portal and external payment


I have a customer that uses Aruba WiFi in many hospitals and they want to start charging patients to use the Internet.

Has anyone here ever done anything like this, is it possible to integrate the captive portal wth an external payment gateway?


Captive portal and external payment

The Aruba Amigopod provides integration with external payment gateways. Amigopod is a very strong solution for guest access, including for-fee hotspot service.
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Re: Captive portal and external payment

Could this be a security risk? I am thinking about the possibility of someone setting up a rogue AP with a lookalike web portal which simply harvests credit card info.

Captive portal and external payment

Rogue APs are a threat whether you have a credit card service or not. Always rely upon the ArubaOS detection of such devices to alert you to their presence.

Further, the 'protect SSID' will make sure only valid Aruba APs are advertising *your* WLAN.

Combined, these will provide the security you need to ensure your users (paying or not) have a good/safe experience.
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