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Captive portal tip

If you are having trouble getting a captive portal page to display on a client, verify that you have an assigned IP address on the controller in the VLAN that the client is using. You can get the VLAN used by the client by issuing the CLI command "show ap association client-mac ". Once you have the VLAN number, issue the command "show ip interface brief" and make sure you have a valid IP address on that particular interface.

I have asked that the Aruba technical writes add a note in the documentation that specifically states the need for an IP address on the interface for captive portal to work correctly.
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ip cp-redirect address

For captive portal to work the controller requires:

- an IP address on one of its interfaces that an unauthenticated client can route to (optimally in the client's subnet)
- an IP CP-redirect statement ( that points to that interface. By default, the controller will redirect clients to it's management or "VLAN 1" address for captive portal. If unauthenticated clients cannot route to that, you need the "ip cp-redirect" parameter to change the redirection address to an interface on the controller that the client can contact or route to.

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