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Changing Controller IP Address - Implications?

With newer firmware versions, we now have the ability to change the controller ip address (away from VLAN 1, onto some other static IP assigned to the controller)

What implications are there for doing so?

Can I still access SSH/WebUI from any of the static IPs on the controller? Or do management connections only happen on the assigned controller IP?

And i'm assuming that APs must be able to connect to the controller on it's assigned IP address as well...
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Re: Changing Controller IP Address - Implications?

The APs communicate to the controller via the loopback address. The loopback address can be the same as VLAN IP.

With regards to management, I think you can manage the controller on any TRUSTED VLAN IP. I haven't tried but it should work. :)

For management of the controller, I always use the IP that the APs communicate with. The reason for this is that when you click on any of the APs to access detail configuration, you will see it uses the Controller IP/Loopback IP. If it's not the same IP as what you're managing the controller on, then you will have to re-login. Not a major issue, just a double login.

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