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Changing encryption increase throughput?

We have an old ssid that uses WPA-TKIP for encryption. We have upgraded our APs to the 105-N, but we're still only getting G speeds. If we configure the SSID for the new encryption we will lose connectivity to 100 plus wireless carts throughout the hospital. First, will we see N speeds with the new encryption and secondly, what's the best way to migrate without impacting patients?
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Re: Changing encryption increase throughput?

For your older devices that must do WPA-TKIP, you can run in mixed-mode WPA-TKIP and WPA2/AES (configurable under the advanced tab on the SSID profile). Your WPA-TKIP devices will only be able to do 54, while your 802.11n devices that do WPA2-AES can do much higher.

The standard requires WPA2/AES encryption or Open to do 802.11n speeds.

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