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Clients not roaming from AP to another

I have small installation with single A620 controller, 6.0 firmware and two AP-93 located in office size about ~20mx30m. I've put AP's at separate ends of office. Now the problem: when I connect to wlan I get connected to AP which is closer and has better signal, everything works fine. If I walk to other end of office, client won't change to another AP even if signal starts to get really low and I lose lots of ping packets. I can see from the controller that client is connected to AP at the other end of office even if I stand under other AP and have very low quality of signal.

I can't figure out what I'm missing :confused: Haven't had this kind of problem before. Could it be because of 6.0 firmware and should I downgrade to Both AP's seems to sit on 2.4Ghz band on different channels and I can see only one neighbour SSID. I tested with different HP and Lenovo laptops having Intel Wifi 5100 or 5300 chipsets and latest drivers.

Roaming 'encouragement'

What you are describing is a classic 'sticky' client scenario. Clients, their drivers and their supplicants have the ultimate decision on when to or not to roam.

One of the methodologies to encourage the clients from our side to roam in this case is to remove the "Transmit Rates" under Configuration/All Profiles/Wireless LAN/SSID Profile/Advanced for your ESSID.

Under that area of the WEBUI there are settings for 2.4 GHz basic rates and transmit rates.

Please leave the basic rates as-is, and at the same time remove (uncheck) the lowest 3-4 transmit rates e.g. 1,2, 5.5 Mbps), click apply and retry the roaming test.

What you will have done is removed the clients ability to communicate with any access point at low data (and thus signal) rates/levels.

Should encourage roaming.
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Re: Clients not roaming from AP to another


I'll try that and see what happens.
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