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Configuring Rules

Does somebody knows the meaning of "route" option when creating new rules?

Available options for "Actions":

- drop
- dest-nat
- dual-nat
- permit
- redirect to ESI group
- redirect to tunnel
- reject
- route
- src-nat

There is also another checkbox for source-nat.
How does that work?

Thank you
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User Guide and Commandline Reference


The ArubaOs user guide and CommandLine reference explain all of these options in great detail. I would attempt to explain all of them here, but the user guide does a good job. The user guides are on the Support Site ( under documentation.

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ArubaOS 8.3 User Guide
InstantOS 8.3 User Guide
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Re: Configuring Rules

I use "route" with "src-nat" with RAPs. If the action on the rule is "route," the RAP just drops the packet onto its local LAN, outside of its VPN tunnel to the controller, so useful for bridge mode. If you optionally use "source-nat" with "route," the RAP drops user packets on it's local LAN, but NAT's the user's source address with its own interface address.

Probably more uses for those options now, but that's the extent of my experience with them.
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