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Console Port timeout? Also, Encryption for Data-In-Transit

Hey guys, I can't seem to locate the answer to this question and this needs to be set to meet our audit requirements on network devices.

Is there anyway to set a console port timeout?
If not, does anyone know what it is set at by default? I will have to go to our data center to find out and that's a real big pain in the rear. If anyone knows that would be great!

Also, where can I find in the WebGui where the encryption level is for data-in-transit? I'm still looking but thought I'd bounce it off you all while I post for other items.

ArubaOS 5.0 and Aruba OS

Thanks much!
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Re: Console Port timeout? Also, Encryption for Data-In-Transit

The "loginsession timeout x" command determines how soon after inactivity that session gets kicked out. By default, the X is 15 minutes.

I just looked at my browser when I connect to a controller and when I click on the Lock it says: 3DES-EDE-CBC, 168 bit.

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