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Controller OS upgrade

Does anyone have intrustions on how to upgrade the OS on a 200 wireless controller?
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Re: Controller OS upgrade

Easiest way is via the web. Log in to the WebUI and navigate to Maintenance > Controller > Image Management.

I would recommend you take a look at the Software Upgrade guide available on Aruba's support website.
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Re: Controller OS upgrade

Mike gave the best starting point in checking the Guide.

My only addition to that is to remember that the Aruba 200 controller has a light weight processor. Patience is a virtue when doing the upgrade and do not unplug the controller until it has completed. You could corrupt the image with a premature hard reset by unplugging the unit.


George Anderson
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Re: Controller OS upgrade

A couple of things before you upgrade. First, what version are you upgrading from and to. If it is 2.x to 3.x, then you have much more to do than just upgrading the OS (yes, there are still MANY 2.x customers out there). Also, make sure that you backup the flash and copy it off. You also want to make sure that you have all of your license numbers, just in case something happens and you have to do some rebuilding. From the CLI you can type "show license verbose" and the licenses and license numbers will be displayed. Make sure you include "verbose", otherwise you it does not display the complete information. Copy and past the entire output to a text document for safekeeping.

I agree with the other reply that the easiest way to upgrade is through the GUI (although I always use and teach students to use FTP from the CLI, what can I say, I'm old school).

If you're not sure what version, from the CLI "show image version" will show both OS partitions and which one you are currently booting from.

Good Luck,
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